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Thank you to Autism Speaks!

Thursday, January 30th, 2014

Today’s gift:  Too many gifts to count!

A giant and heartfelt thank you to Autism Speaks for posting about my blog and my recent Huffington Post Parents piece.

I’ll be updating MSCSL this weekend so please check back.  Don’t forget to visit

Cheers, Laura

Karma Gone Bad by Jenny Feldon: Blog Tour & Book Review

Monday, November 11th, 2013

Today’s gift:  KARMA GONE BAD, the new memoir by Jenny Feldon.  I am SO excited to share this book!

Jenny is a virtual friend and a blog sister [I love her blog Karma (continued...)] and now a published author.  I adore her (how can you not — watch her book party launch video and you’ll see what I mean!).

KARMA GONE BAD:  How I Learned to Love Mangos, Bollywood, and Water Buffalo is a new memoir as powerful and page-turning as EAT, PRAY, LOVE by Elizabeth Gilbert.   I am not kidding!  I’m wishing for a movie asap!

A mom of two originally from the Boston area and now living in Los Angeles, Jenny is one of BlogHer’s Voices of the Year (2012) and her new memoir chronicles her journey from the Upper West Side halfway across the world to India. With humor, honesty, and spunk, Jenny Feldon tells the story of how she attempts to make a home for herself in an exotic new culture.

Her unique memoir blends the NYC chutzpah of Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw with the armchair traveler expertise readers devoured in Eat, Pray, Love.  The result is a charming memoir that marks the debut of a fresh new voice in publishing.  In the book, readers will cheer for Jenny on her journey of self-discovery and transformation and most of all, they will relate to how she eventually lets go of expectations and embraces life fully.

In the spirit of the book, I hope you will believe in KARMA and please pay it forward by sharing my post and spreading the word about this funny, smart, honest, fierce, and entirely addictive, terrific memoir!

Bahut Dhanyavaad.

# # #

I adore Jenny and I’m thrilled to be part of her book launch blog book tour.

Join us on all the stops and read the diverse posts here:

KARMA GONE BAD / Blog Tour Schedule

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22-Nov- Practical Parenting

And here is a great interview from Jewish Boston.

Follow Jenny on Twitter here:

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I received a digital review copy of this book from the publisher; all opinions are my own.

Feed A Child, Feed A Dream: Join “The Lunch Money Challenge” October 14 – 18, 2013

Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

Today’s gift:  giving the gift of lunch to hungry children.

Can you imagine what is it like to be extremely hungry in school?  Or what it is like to spend an afternoon starving while you are trying to learn?

This week, Oct 14-18, I am fundraising through “The Lunch Money Challenge” which encourages people to bring their lunch to work or school instead of buying it and to donate the proceeds to support childhood hunger and education.

Did you know that every day, an estimated 66 million students across the developing world will go to school hungry?

Or that 25 cents fills a cup with a healthy and nutrious meal for a hungry student?

Or for just the price of crayons ($1.50) you could feed a student for a week?  And for $50 you could feed a student for an entire school year?

Alongside a powerful group of bloggers and social media influencers, I am taking the challenge to raise money for lunchtime school meals for hungry children in Honduras, Kenya and Niger.   In fact, last week I had one of the most inspiring calls of my life with Fatuma Mohamed* in Kenya about this program and her work. Her personal story and inspiration across the phone lines from Kenya touched me deeply.  You can help by joining in.  It’s so simple!

1.  For the next 4 days, bring work to lunch or eat in (if you work from home or are at home).

2.  Save the money you would normally spend for the week.

3.  Donate your own “Lunch Money” to hungry children here.

Last year, the World Food Program provided meals to over 24 million school children in 60 countries.

Please give the gift of lunch!

These visuals and statistics from the World Food Program USA will inspire you — feel free to repost and share.

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Follow the campaign on Twitter:  #feedadream and follow @WFPUSA

Please note: This post is part of a campaign with The Mission List and the World Food Program USA. All opinions are my own.


Fatuma Mohamed is a senior program assistant with the World Food Program in Dadaab, Kenya.  Growing up in Kenya’s northeastern province, Fatuma’s connection to WFP began when she was 7 years old. As a young student, she received hot meals through the organization’s school meals programe.

Fatuma lost her father when she was 4 years old. Her mother had little money and faced hostility in their family because she refused to be inherited as Fatuma’s father’s brother’s wife. Although her mother had no formal education, she wanted her children to have the opportunity to go to school. At this time, though, the Somali community did not believe in allowing girls to go to school.

However, Fatuma and her siblings were able to attend school with the help of local administrators. WFP provided daily mid-morning school meals of porridge for Fatuma and her siblings there. She graduated from the Jaribu Primary School and later went on to receive a higher university diploma in agriculture and home economics.

Fatuma is now a mother herself. She and her husband have three children, two boys and one girl ranging in age from five to 18.

Fatuma has been working for WFP since July 2005. In her role, she works to ensure accountability and transparency in food distributions, supervises other staff and coordinates WFP activities with partner organizations, among other things.

My #SOMENERVE Challenge: Facing My Fear of #CleanEating

Sunday, September 22nd, 2013

Today’s Gift: SOME NERVE!

My brother-in-law and his wife own and run an organic farm a few towns away from us. Every summer and early fall we participate in a weekly “community share” and the beautiful produce is plentiful, delicious, and fresh. I’ve used the word “clean” to describe the taste as well as the process from field to table when explaining the difference between what we buy in the grocery story and the farm to my twins. I’ve explained how the life cycle of the produce from the farm to our table is a pure process: we know exactly where -and how –the beans, tomatoes, melons, and onions grow; we know how the crops are picked (sometimes we do it ourselves!); and we often know the specific location for each crop (especially the pick your own tomatoes and raspberries) all this because we are very fortunate that the farmers are the twins’ aunt and uncle.

I’m consistently surprised by the taste, smell, and feel of the fruit and produce. I’m also overjoyed about the way my family experiences the food – we barely get home before we rip into the bags plus we have to force ourselves not to devour an entire week’s worth of fresh produce on the first night.

From June to October, the effects of this weekly cornucopia can be seen and felt throughout our family in real ways from increased energy to more satisfaction at our meals. We eat every single item in our share and have fun trying to figure out how to prepare celery root or mustard greens. After a month, we look healthier, we don’t crave junk food, our breath is better, our digestion improves, our skin glows. I know the kale and spinach and squash and bok choy and heirloom tomatoes and carrots and beets are gold because they are not processed or artificially colored or sweetened.

The last 2 summers, I saw such a huge difference in our twins when they ate from their beloved Uncle Chumless’ farm (I’m saving the story behind his nickname for another blog post) that I vowed to change our diet.

Predictably, when our summer share ended so did my courage to make a change. The thought of drastically changing the diet and eating habits (not to mention pantry) for 4 family members (me, my husband, and our twins) was unnerving. My daughter has my sweet tooth, my son loves fast food and we all eat junk food, carbs, sugar, dessert, and pizza. I was afraid of the amount of work overhauling our food habits would involve and I was convinced that embracing the “clean eating” movement would be impossible (not to mention would exacerbate my life long aversion/ bordering -on-phobia of grocery shopping).

Fast forward to this September – I’d already begun thinking about the impending “last farm share” and the return of our old food habits when an email arrived on September 10.

My friend and former colleague Patty Chang Anker’s new book SOME NERVE: Lessons Learned While Becoming Brave challenges readers to name and then face a fear — to conquer one thing and in doing so take that big first step toward a bigger and braver life. Dozens of bloggers are facing fears online and writing about their experiences for Patty’s #SOMENERVE challenge and it was the email invitation that energized me and inspired me get up my nerve to make my big change, to face my fear of an eating makeover.

That very day, I began my “clean eating” campaign.

Almost immediately, I knew I needed some coaching and so I reached out to one of the founders of The FWORD Blog – a fantastic fitness and health blog.  The blogging guru Jen met my inquiry with enthusiasm and cheers — she’s now my virtual coach!  Her posts gave me the guidance, real advice, and the concrete “how to” for getting started.  When I reread Jen’s recent blog posts, I felt less intimidated – her written words have helped me create shopping lists, menus, and recipes. So you know, Jen isn’t a nutritionist or certified fitness trainer – she’s a real woman/mom/sister (well except for those abs!) who wants to feed her family and herself well. As Jen recently emailed me “It’s amazing how different you begin to feel after filtering some stuff out. I’m no expert, but I’ve adapted to this lifestyle and it’s made my entire family happier and healthier. I wish you lots of luck on this journey.”

For the last two weeks, I’ve embraced the challenge with my family and I am happy to report we’ve been successfully making the change to “clean eating” and I have conquered my fear and then some.  We are doing both the summer and winter farm share so I’ll get amazing “gifts” of fresh produce all year long.

Today, I have so many reasons I’m personally gratified and proud that I faced my fear. The list includes: improved health for me (and my whole family), weight management, inspiring my husband, helping my daughter become a leader in her school’s healthy eating initiative, an organized refrigerator and pantry, a weekly meal plan, a deeper joy of eating and cooking, and the added bonus of looking forward to grocery shopping for the first time in my life (TRUE!!). This one change has led me to so many others that I am already trying to find a new fear to face.  Get ready for another post Patty!

If this blog post about “clean eating” inspires you, you may like my

“Top 5 Reasons Your Family Should Embrace Clean Eating”–

1. It’s easy!

2. It saves you money (you will use everything you buy when you eat this way).

3. You will look and feel healthier (and if you are concerned about weight this change will help you maintain a healthy one).

4. Real, unprocessed food tastes GREAT (and so much better than processed fake food).

5. Your children will be asking for (and craving!) fruits and vegetables (my two want raw red and orange pepper slices more than candy now).

Today, as I sip my coffee with cinnamon (thanks, Jen!),  I wonder what took me so long and why I was so fearful?

Take it from this Italian girl – the same one who loves pasta, bread, polenta, carbs, chocolate, dessert, and pizza – when you face your fears (whether they are food related, exercise related, career-based, or something else) you embrace living fully.

To learn more about joining the SOME NERVE challenge and Patty’s brave movement, visit her website or blog. If you are interested in Clean Eating, check out this great HuffPost article to get started and also subscribe to Jen’s posts at The FWORD blog and check out some of her recent guest posts at sites like How Does She.

Thank you, Patty!  Thank you, Jen! It takes a village and #SOMENERVE!

# # #

Now it’s your turn to gather your nerve and face your fears. To win a copy of SOME NERVE, send an email with your name and address to me at this email:   my so called sensory life [at] gmail dot com. One winner will be selected on October 3 and notified via email. US ONLY please.  (Thanks to Riverhead Books for providing me with a complimentary review copy and a giveaway copy.  All opinions are my own and were not influenced by the publisher.)

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Farm photo credits: Amy Gropp Forbes

Book Review: The Sensory Child Gets Organized by Carolyn Dalgliesh

Monday, September 9th, 2013

Today’s gift:  an extraordinary, life-changing book THE SENSORY CHILD GETS ORGANIZED by Carolyn Dalgliesh (Touchstone, September 2013).

It’s no surprise that My So-Called Sensory Life LOVES this book (and the author).   But what is amazing is how much I am using this book every single day as a Mom of a sensory child — finding new tips, trying new systems, and most of all finding community and support from it.  It’s a gift.

And so, in the spirit of My So-Called Sensory Life and daily gifts, I’m pleased to give you, my dear readers, a gift today.  Carolyn did a terrific Back To School Q & A / guest post with me for the book (which is already a best seller) and we are kicking off our week with it.  She shares amazing advice that all parents and families can use.

“10 Ways to Prepare your Special Needs / Sensory Child (and Yourself!)  for Back-to-School”  by Carolyn Dalgliesh

Chaotic is the single best word to describe my summers at home.  Why is this a deep, dark secret?  I organize for a living!  As in, I’m a professional organizer – people hire me and pay me to organize their homes, families, and business.

The lack of structure, summer travel, and later then usual bedtimes have me and my sensory family way out of whack by August. It takes all of my supermom willpower and Type A organizing instincts to embrace the chaos and not jump on the back-to-school wagon as soon as I possibly can (June!?) with my usual “get it all done now” organizing mentality.

For parents of sensory kids and special needs children (by sensory I mean like those kiddos AD/HD, anxiety disorders, autism, or sensory processing disorder), the end of summer and beginning of school can be a welcome reprieve. The idea of getting your rigid, anxious, or distracted child into some much needed structure can have you motivated to get this Back-to-School business started in a big way.

This week everyone is finally back to school  and so I’m sharing a few of my trade secrets as a professional organizer (shhhh!) along with personal tips to curb your own excitement and stay focused on a slower and more successful way to transition your sensory child (and yourself) back-to-school while also enjoying the dwindling dog days of summer.

1.  Unplug from Expectations - You will be bombarded with messages that back-to- school is a fun, exciting time for you and the kids as they get ready for school. Unplug from this and realized that for many sensory kids, back-to-school is a pretty overwhelming time full of change and new transitions. Be sure to proceed accordingly.

2. List & Prioritize Needs - For sensory kids, back-to-school is a three month process vs. a one week event. Start by making a simple map of supports you may need to anticipate over the first few months – for example new people & new routines, getting stuff to school and back home again, and homework supports. Prioritize the needs chronologically and no skipping ahead!

3.  Focus on Immediate Needs Only - To repeat for impact – Forget about the big, stressful project that you know is coming for your child in November. Focus on the immediate needs only and for back-to-school thatʼs helping your child be ready for new teachers, new classrooms, and a new schedule.

4.  Spread out Shopping - Want to overwhelm a sensory child? Drag them to a loud, bright mall with lots of people and big signs that say “Youʼre going Back-to-School”. A slower more successful option is to shop for one or two things at a time over the course of a few weeks or better yet, get a few things by yourself.

5.  Bring in a Fascination - Even if you despise all things Pokeman, let your child bring in a fascination with school supplies. Getting a notebook, lunchbox, or backpack that taps into a fascination can be a simple way to help get ʻem over the hump.

6.  Build in Routines - Slowly start building in some of the school routines that your child will be dealing with – getting up a little earlier and picking clothes for next day are a few ways to start. The less “new” things your child is dealing with the first few weeks of school, the better.

7.  Make it Visual - Get your checklist writing, visual map skills ready. Nothing helps our sensory kids more then having a visual guide to help them move through the challenging. These work for morning routines to how to get along with Tough Timmy and everything in between.

8. Create a Small Tradition – Actions speak louder than words for many sensory kids. Having a special tradition you do the day before school starts can be the most gentle yet impactful way to let your sensory child know whatʼs coming. A special lunch or a last trip to the ice cream store are much nicer ways to think about going back to school.

9. No Big Lectures - As much as you might be tempted to give your child a big happy lecture about what a great year this will be – DONʼT. If you need to lecture someone, give yourself one. It will be a great year filled with lots of ups and downs, teacher calls and emails, and lots of meltdowns that will need your coaching and support. Be sure you focused on the big picture, good year part.

10. Get Ready for some Emotion - Yes, emotions from your sensory child but also emotions from YOU. You are going to miss everything about having your child around so get your tissues ready for that first day of school.

# # #

More about the author:

Carolyn Dalgliesh is the mother of two, a professional organizer, and the owner of Sensory Organizing a business helping sensory families, individuals, and businesses get organized.  She is the author of the new book The Sensory Child Gets Organized (Touchstone / Simon & Schuster, Sept 2013).

For more sensory organizing tips, connect with Carolyn on Twitter @helpsensorykids and on Facebook.

# # #

Thank you Carolyn!   Happy Organizing!

(Disclaimer:  I adore Carolyn — I’m her friend AND her social media publicist but even if I didn’t know her, I’d be worshiping her!)

One Direction: The Movie — Counting down to August 30

Sunday, August 18th, 2013

Do you remember the first band you lived for? Do you remember the first concert you attended? Can you feel that electric anticipation of the lights starting to dim while you wait for the band’s first song?

What if you could relive those moments again, this time as a Mom – and with your daughter?

This is exactly how my daughter and I both feel about the upcoming movie ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US in theaters on August 30.

My daughter (age 10) and I have loved the band since day one. We’ve had countless dance parties and impromptu karaoke parties. And she’s spent hours with her friends listening to ONE DIRECTION in her room and on her iPod.

So when I heard about the ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US movie I started counting down to release day with my daughter and each day our excitement builds. We can’t wait! Without a doubt, this is going to be like attending a ONE DIRECTION concert – the sights, sounds, and energy of being part of the audience has us both jazzed!

To write this post, I interviewed my daughter J about the movie after we watched the trailer and she had this to say:

Why are you so excited about this movie? I can’t wait to see the band on the big screen in the theater – it’s going to feel like I’m at a ONE DIRECTION concert. I’m pretending they will be there in person!

Why do you and your friends love ONE DIRECTION? The band is SO talented. They are really musical – they sing, they dance, and they are very handsome lads (that’s your word Mom! LOL).

My daughter and I both love the songs “What Makes You Beautiful” and “Best Song Ever”; as a Mom I love the positive message of the band. And we are not alone – the release of this movie is a global event, spanning North America to Europe to Asia (and beyond). My daughter J and I feel connected to the energy of all the fans (they have almost 20 million facebook followers! ) and we are already having fun with the cool and interactive website which has so many awesome (my daughter’s words) features including:

Without sounding too much like groupies (LOL), we have some favorite links bookmarked already, and we are active together on social media and I’m sure your daughter will love to visit them with you. Having the rare opportunity to experience this movie and to be a fan alongside my daughter is such a gift.

So, kick off your own pre-party for the movie with “L and J’s Top 10 ONE DIRECTION: THIS IS US movie” links –

1) The Movie and A Listening Party

2) Watch 1D Live from the Red Carpet!  Can’t make it to London for the premiere? No problem, watch coverage of the red carpet live from your family room . Click here:
See 1D 3 Days Early: Be among the first to see the movie (your daughter will love you for it)

3) 1D Trailer Remix: Make your own 1D trailer

4) 1D Meme Generator: Fun and easy way to make a 1D meme

5) Follow on Twitter: Hashtag:  #1Dmovie

6) Follow on YouTube

7) Check out Google +

ONE DIRECTION rocks and we know the movie will too!

# # #

Disclosure:  I’m proud to be working with SheKnows to share information about the ONE DIRECTION movie and I hope will share my Sponsored post.

Virtual Book Tour: Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life

Sunday, July 28th, 2013

Today’s gift:  we are part of a virtual book tour!

My So-Called Sensory Life was selected to be part of a book tour for a book for boys about the facts of life.

As mom to twins (one boy), this book is perfect and I’m thrilled to tell you about it.  There are so many books for girls about the facts of life but not many for boys.

Until now!

Bork Reveals the Real Deal about the Facts of Life is a witty and humorous description of puberty, adolescence, sex and reproduction. The main character, Bork, leads fellow preteen boys on a journey through everything from physical growth and development to shaving and reproduction. All of the essential, factual information is conveyed in a way that is easy to understand. The amusing and edgy style of this book will appeal to boys ranging from nine to twelve years old. Bork empowers them with easy-to-understand facts, while the interactive element called “Real Deal Action Challenges” promotes understanding through simple and entertaining activities.

Filled with fun and appropriate illustrations and graphics as well as boxed facts, the book hits a home run for boys age 10 and up.

My son and I dove into the book (along with Dad) and had fun reading, discussing, and casually addressing a big topic.

Author Terri Trenchard gives parents and boys an entertaining and educational book that will make the whole family feel confident about facing all the facts of life and growing up.  Terri has a master’s degree in Education and Human Development from The George Washington University, and a bachelor’s with a concentration in Psychology from Bucknell University. A Mom of two, she is currently developing a similar title, “Corky Gives the Whole Scoop about the Facts of Life” for girls, as well as additional titles about topics of interest to young adults, including summer jobs and college.  We can’t wait!

I plan to recommend this book to everyone–other parents, schools, even pediatricians.

I give an A + (and most importantly so did my son) and I know you will, too.

If you want to read more reviews, visit the other stops on the book tour including the following fantastic blogs:

Monday, July 22: Mother Daughter Book Reviews

Tuesday, July 23: My Book Addiction and More

Wednesday, July 24: Book Reviews by Tima

Thursday, July 25: Storywraps

Friday, July 26: CoupleDumb

Saturday, July 27: The Literary Word

Sunday, July 28: My So-Called Sensory Life

Happy Reading!


A big thanks to the author and Firefly Marketing & PR for the complimentary review copy and the opportunity to be part of the tour.  All opinions stated here are my own. I was not compensated for this review.

Scary Mommy feature today!

Sunday, June 30th, 2013

Today’s gift:  Scary Mommy (aka Jill Smokler) generously features my post today on her site.

You can read the post here.  Scary Mommy is a pay-it-forward kind of gal and that’s also a gift.

Please help me thank her by sharing, commenting, tweeting, and sending to everyone you know especially special needs families.  And buy her bestselling books — her voice and nod to imperfection will help any parent.

From her website:

“Jill’s honest take on parenting has appeared in numerous publications and on television programs, including The Today ShowThe New York Times, Good Morning America, Nightline and CNN. The website averages over 3 million page views a month and the Scary Mommy Twitter feed keeps over 310,000 followers entertained daily, including Tori Spelling, Nicole Ricci, Cynthia McFadden, Holly Robinson Peete and President Obama. The Scary Mommy Facebook page boasts over 89,000 active fans.”

Thank you Scary Mommy!

Friday June 14 is World Blood Donor Day!

Thursday, June 13th, 2013

Today’s gift:  the gift of life = blood.

Did you know?

1 pint of blood can save up to 3 lives

Blood shortages occur most frequently in summer due to vacation schedules

Someone needs blood every 2 seconds

If 1 percent more Americans gave blood, all national blood shortages would disappear for the foreseeable future

Most Americans will require a blood transfusion at some point in their lives

Donors can give whole blood up to 6 times a year

This Friday, June 14th is World Blood Donor Day reminding all of us that all around the country blood centers are experiencing major shortages of blood and platelets and need the help of volunteers to donate and spread the word. During the summer months blood donations drop significantly and yet the need does not – every 2 seconds someone in America needs blood and with no substitution for human blood these people in need rely on the kindness of volunteers.

This year marks the 10 year anniversary of World Blood Donor Day and I’m beyond excited to announce that Soleil Moon Frye is leading this cause with her trademark passion, positivity, and that great smile.  As you all know, I’m a regular blogger (Soleil’s incredible site) and so I’m equally thrilled to be part of the social media campaign to spread the word about donating blood this summer.

Nexcare give in partnership with mother, actress and American Red Cross spokesperson Soleil Moon Frye will be conducting a nationwide campaign encouraging American’s to donate blood and bring attention to the 10th anniversary of World Blood Donor Day. To do so Nexcare give has provided local blood donation centers around the country with free special-edition bandages to hand out to donors and supporters to wear with pride and help spread the word about this vital need. These limited-edition bandages are also available for free online at where readers can also find their local participating blood donation centers.

Right now it is particularly important that those people who are eligible to donate platelets schedule appointments this week to donate, as platelets only last five days are currently at an extreme low around the country.

Key facts about platelets:
*Platelets are the clotting factor in blood; they help prevent excess bleeding.
*Cancer patients undergoing surgeries and premature infants often need this specific blood product.
*It’s important that eligible platelet donors give as often as possible to help ensure this potentially lifesaving blood product is available for patients whenever and wherever needed.

This year’s Nexcare give Bandage collection is announcing that “It’s Always In Season to Give Blood” with Bandages inspired by each of the four seasons.

So get out there, roll up your sleeves and give!

About Soleil Moonfrye — For more information visit:

About America’s Blood Centers
Founded in 1962, America’s Blood Centers is North America’s largest network of community-based, independent blood programs. Recognized by the U.S. Congress for its critical work in patient care and disaster preparedness and response, the federation operates more than 600 blood donor centers providing nearly half of the U.S., and a quarter of the Canadian blood supply.
These blood centers serve more than 150 million people and provide blood products and services to more than 3,500 hospitals and healthcare facilities across North America. America’s Blood Centers’ U.S. members are licensed and regulated by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Canadian members are regulated by Health Canada.
For more information, please visit

About the American Red Cross:
The American Red Cross shelters, feeds and provides emotional support to victims of disasters; supplies nearly half of the nation’s blood; teaches lifesaving skills; provides international humanitarian aid; and supports military members and their families. The Red Cross is a charitable organization — not a government agency — and depends on volunteers and the generosity of the American public to perform its mission. For more information, please visit join our blog at

More magazine June 2013 issue features My So-Called Sensory Life!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Today’s gift:  I’m featured in a terrific piece in MORE magazine! Yes, THE national women’s magazine!  Yes, that MORE magazine!  I’m a huge fan of Lesley Jane Seymour’s gorgeous and smart publication. I’ve read it for years.  And today 3 years after starting my blog, I’m celebrating the miracle of bridging the online and print worlds (My name is in a real magazine on a news stand!! Pinch me!!).

The June 2013 cover story by my friend and gifted writer/author Brian Alexander tells the story behind MSCSL and my blog and my first half MORE/FITNESS marathon (that’s just my slice — the overall article is about the power of habits and the key to change they can represent).  I suggest you all sprint to the store and buy the issue (the one with the gorgeous Debra Messing on the cover) and then jump to page 72 and “Change One Small Habit, Change Your Life” (I’m on pages 77 and 102!).   This is life-changing stuff friends — you can do it, too.

I hope my story and my contribution to Brian’s piece motivates others.  The unexpected gifts of motherhood (the challenges and the joys) were the impetus for my change — and I think my personal story speaks to everyone (Moms, Dads, and more).

If you are new to my blog (welcome!), I invite you to read about all 365 gifts that I blogged for one year (Yes, I did write every single day for 365 consecutive days) so please start with my very first post on March 21, 2010 ( you can also read the About page, too) and then I suggest you read the single gift entries that followed in order and you’ll see how my journey transformed my life in one year (dates:  March 21, 2010 to March 21, 2011).  Please note:  After my one year of gift blogging ended, I decided to keep writing and blogging and so you’ll see a subtle shift in the after March 21, 2011 — these are more varied posts but in keeping with the spirit of celebrating unexpected gifts, I always start my posts with a gift of the day.

Please tell me MORE (couldn’t resist) about your story and your thoughts about the article here or on my facebook page or on Twitter.

Here’s to rebooting YOUR habits and changing YOUR life.

# # #