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Freedom Girl

Tuesday, June 28th, 2011

Today’s gift:  freedom.

I am Mom to a fabulous — and very demanding– boy and his twin sister.  My days are very busy and extra intense because M needs a lot of attention, support and devotion.

An unexpected surprise of motherhood:   I am an expert at finding — and celebrating — tiny moments of freedom.   If only for a second or two, these things liberate me and allow me soar:

  • A bike ride (speeding downhill, breeze blowing)
  • The first sip of my morning coffee
  • Stretching
  • My work
  • The smell of summer air especially at night
  • An uninterrupted bath
  • Fresh flowers — tulips always had a special spot on my NYC desk
  • Reading
  • Running on a track
  • Lunch at the beach
  • Dancing
  • Solitude
  • Loud music — in the car
  • NYC Taxi rides late at night
  • Sleeping in my old childhood room
  • Memories

Blue: A Color Poem by M

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Blue by M

Blue is water crashing in the wind at the beach.

It is the smell of blueberries ripening in the sun.

Blue is my seat sack sitting on my chair at school.

It is the feel of water on my cold bare feet.

Blue is the delicious taste of my fruit snacks during snack time.

# # #

(*typed by M during keyboarding at school)