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We are 3! Happy Blog Birthday!

Thursday, March 21st, 2013

What they say is true: time flies when you are watching your baby grow up! In that spirit, today I want to celebrate My So-Called Sensory Life turning 3! Three years ago, on March 21, this blog was born. And she’s been good to me every day since the day I started blogging about the unexpected gifts of motherhood. I’ve lost count of the gifts I’ve blogged since those first 365 (in a row!) but I have experienced daily lessons and opened daily gifts every day since I started blogging.

Today’s gift: this blog. My So-Called Sensory Life. Blogging has changed my life and my world. I’m so grateful and happy to have you here to witness how MSCSL grows and changes.

Here’s to celebrating the unexpected!

Listen To Your Mother Providence!

Tuesday, March 19th, 2013

To cast or not to cast!

My Co-Director/Co-Producer Carla of LISTEN TO YOUR MOTHER PROVIDENCE and I are in the process of picking and choosing the cast members for our first show.

Our auditions were inspiring, exciting, humbling, moving, emotional, funny, fierce and so much more than words can impart.

Fortunately for us, the stories that NEED to be told are emerging and through that process our cast is gelling.

I’ve been dreaming about our potential cast and the auditions and can’t wait until we get our final names locked in so that we can announce the first ever Providence LTYM cast.  The show is May 4 (Saturday) at 2pm at The Providence Public Library Auditorium.

Be sure to visit our local blog for the cast announcement (soon) and posts about our awesome and amazing local sponsors.

In keeping with My So-Called Sensory Life’s theme of daily gifts:  the gift of being a Director and Producer for Ann Imig’s show is one I’ll never forget.

Here’s to giving Mother’s Day a mic!   See you on stage!