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More magazine June 2013 issue features My So-Called Sensory Life!

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

Today’s gift:  I’m featured in a terrific piece in MORE magazine! Yes, THE national women’s magazine!  Yes, that MORE magazine!  I’m a huge fan of Lesley Jane Seymour’s gorgeous and smart publication. I’ve read it for years.  And today 3 years after starting my blog, I’m celebrating the miracle of bridging the online and print worlds (My name is in a real magazine on a news stand!! Pinch me!!).

The June 2013 cover story by my friend and gifted writer/author Brian Alexander tells the story behind MSCSL and my blog and my first half MORE/FITNESS marathon (that’s just my slice — the overall article is about the power of habits and the key to change they can represent).  I suggest you all sprint to the store and buy the issue (the one with the gorgeous Debra Messing on the cover) and then jump to page 72 and “Change One Small Habit, Change Your Life” (I’m on pages 77 and 102!).   This is life-changing stuff friends — you can do it, too.

I hope my story and my contribution to Brian’s piece motivates others.  The unexpected gifts of motherhood (the challenges and the joys) were the impetus for my change — and I think my personal story speaks to everyone (Moms, Dads, and more).

If you are new to my blog (welcome!), I invite you to read about all 365 gifts that I blogged for one year (Yes, I did write every single day for 365 consecutive days) so please start with my very first post on March 21, 2010 ( you can also read the About page, too) and then I suggest you read the single gift entries that followed in order and you’ll see how my journey transformed my life in one year (dates:  March 21, 2010 to March 21, 2011).  Please note:  After my one year of gift blogging ended, I decided to keep writing and blogging and so you’ll see a subtle shift in the after March 21, 2011 — these are more varied posts but in keeping with the spirit of celebrating unexpected gifts, I always start my posts with a gift of the day.

Please tell me MORE (couldn’t resist) about your story and your thoughts about the article here or on my facebook page or on Twitter.

Here’s to rebooting YOUR habits and changing YOUR life.

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Happy Mother’s Day 2013! So many gifts!

Friday, May 10th, 2013

Mother’s Day arrived early for me this year and I have the joy of experiencing some incredible (professional/blogger) gifts this week:  it’s been the triple-crown of publicity for me with features on The Huffington Post, iVillage, and allParenting!

My tributes to my own Mom and to my twins are striking a chord online with Moms and families and parents.  And the magic from the Local Listen To Your Mother Show I Co-Directed/Produced has been fueling me all week (including my tv spot).

You can read them here:

The Huffington Post



I’m also still celebrating my first time on (*yes that TODAY).  Read my thoughts about Wonder Woman (fitting for Mother’s Day weekend!) here.

Thankful and grateful for my life — my work life, my family life, my ME-life.

Happy Mother’s Day!


Listen To The Cast of Listen To Your Mother Providence

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Today’s gift:  it’s the LTYM Providence Show tomorrow and I’m soaking up the pre-show excitement and indulging myself on blog posts from our amazing cast.

Each cast member is no longer just a cast member — she’s now a friend, a confidante, a motherhood-sister, an inspiration, a writing peer, a bright light and a star.

My words don’t adequately capture their words and so today I’m letting the amazing women in the Listen To Your Mother Providence cast speak for themselves.

Here are some blog posts to enjoy (I’ll keep adding to them leading up to the show — I may have missed a few!!):


Laura and the Cast of LTYM Providence

Carla Molina (Co-Director/Producer)Kelly Baraf, Jennifer Ciplet, Brianne DeRosa, Kirsten DiChiappari, Jackie Hennessey, Lauren Jordan, Alicia Kamm, Marian Kent, Stephanie Lazenby, Lexi Magnusson, Phyllis Kim Myung, Jessica Severson

The Edna Adan Mother’s Day Project

Friday, May 3rd, 2013

Today’s gift:   I’m part of a group of bloggers supporting the Edna Adan University Hospital in Somaliland. (yes the same name you know from Half the Sky!) with blog posts showcasing limited edition prints celebrating mothers.

For all orders, half of all proceeds from the prints will be donated.

The health of the people of Somaliland is among the worst in Africa, with one of the highest Maternal and Infant Mortality rates in the world. Every year, one baby in eight dies in infancy while nearly 4000 Somali women die in childbirth. This tragedy can be attributed in large part to the long civil war which brought about the death or departure of nearly all of the country’s trained health care professionals.”

The good news is that this hospital is working to change these statistics and improve maternal health. From educating midwives and fighting female genital mutilation, the Edna Adan University Hospital is making big changes for the people of Somaliland.

You can order here and read more about the hospital here.

The good news is that this hospital is working to change these statistics and improve maternal health. From educating midwives and fighting female genital mutilation, the Edna Adan University Hospital is making big changes for the people of Somaliland.

A few more details:
Mother’s Day prints will be for sale on Storenvy (link above)
Prints are $30 with free US shipping. They will ship in 3-5 business days of order and will arrive before Mother’s Day, May 12th.
Half of all proceeds will be donated to the Edna Adan University Hospital.

As a mother, I can’t help but think that helping other mothers and women for Mother’s Day is a gift that we should all consider giving.  Mothers are a universal sisterhood!

Happy Mother’s Day!