Fleece is the Word (sing to Frank Valli’s tune ‘Grease’)

Other than John Deere, M’s favorite thing in the world is fleece. I am surprised and delighted by the fact that fleece was invented in 1981 (information based on google research) and is one of the centerpieces of our life. Never say never!

For M, this love affair began with a gift from our beloved nanny J.  She gave him a fleece Lightening McQueen blanket in 2006 (when the movie Cars was in theaters) and it’s been a permanent part of his life ever since.

Most children with sensory processing disorder like M (as well as children on the autism spectrum), have a love/hate relationship with textures.  Some children need tactile input and this comes in many forms.  The wrong one can irritate, aggravate and turn a day upside down (like a tag in a shirt).  The right one–for M this is fleece for others a weighted blanket, for example–can make everything right in the world.

Picture this:  my cute boy snuggled in a fleece blanket in winter, spring, summer and fall.  M finds comfort and meets his sensory needs with fleece-y. (I’m sure my dedicated blog readers aren’t surprised by name fleece-y!)  Like Linus with his blue blanket, M cuddles and curls up with his blanket whenever he needs a fix and some calming security.  He uses her in the morning, after school, in the evening and he even brings her on trips.

Today, I’m not only thankful for fleece but am also a big fan.  Get your fleece on!

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  1. Carol Says:

    I have a JD fleece-y for M and , you silly girl call me about curtains and/or any sewing help you need!!!!

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