The Early Bird

It’s common knowledge that here are two kinds of people — folks that get up early and folks that don’t (me).

Our twins each chose different sleep schedules.

Of course,  M is the early riser — he gets up at 5:00am every morning like clockwork.  The house is still chilly, the beds perfectly warmed and deep breathes emanate from every bedroom except for M’s.

And, of course, without fail, I always wake up, too.  And, since the day he moved into his own room, I always go and see him.

In the old days (translation: pre-baby days),  I’d often miss breakfast on the weekend rising around noon.  Staying up late is something I love and I’ve always felt that the night is my best time.  After the twins were born, I literally considered toothpicks to keep my eyelids from drooping.

But as you know from reading my blog, I’m lucky to find a new gift every day.  Today at 5:00am, I realized that my 5 minutes alone with M each morning is his quiet and easily missed gift to me.  The time is ours alone.  Mother and son in a sleeping house.  We snuggle and kiss and say our first good mornings to one another.

Then, M reads his books, listens to his music and calms his body before the busy day ahead.  This morning routine regulates him and  is a crucial part of each morning’s schedule — even on the weekend.

I wouldn’t miss those 5 minutes alone with my little early bird for the world.

Chirp, chirp.

4 Responses to “The Early Bird”

  1. Carol Says:

    oh, yes.. those moments when the sun rises, the babies stretch and we all realize how good life is…As I look back I can see that there is no time more important to me than those tiny moments when they were that young! Roll in in it like new mown grass, Laura! It won’t come again!

  2. Phil Rossi Says:

    I know early mornings all too well. Considering all of us kids were accustomed to enjoying the pleasures of sleeping in, I sometimes come up empty handed when I’m looking for that “positive” when the sun isn’t quite up yet. But, you’re right. It’s there.

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