Culture Club

I spent the morning trying to convince my daughter that The Dreaded Strep Throat Culture really wasn’t all that bad.

It didn’t work.

Like me, she didn’t believe one word of it.  In fact, I still think throat cultures are the worst.  I had so many throat cultures as a child my parents stopped counting and almost paid a doctor to remove my tonsils.

Today, though, the throat culture gods smiled down on us and our (gasp!) pediatrician (instead of the rushing nurse) did the culture with such precision and skill that J did not shed a tear.  Her eyes didn’t even well up.  I practically gave Dr. R a standing ovation.

With a turquoise and green ring pop on J’s finger and a negative test result in my purse, we skipped out of the doc’s office.

Readers:   I don’t have to tell you that my daily gift often appears in the strangest places and when I least expect it– here’s hoping you all are enjoying this my adventure as much as I am.

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  1. Carol Says:

    I get vicious sore throats in the spring and always think they are strep. My GP finally figured out that they are due to a very bad allergy induced case of post nasal drip that shreds the back of my throat. Mucinex D has been my answer. Any child form of that decongestant? Glad J made it thru. She’s really a very brave little lady at heart!

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