The Jinx

When I married my husband, I also married The Jinx.

The Jinx can apply to anything — the Red Sox, a speeding ticket, the weather, or in my case, illness.

It’s when my guard is down and I carelessly remark (or even think) about illness and poof! — someone is sick.

Make no mistake — it’s the work of The Jinx.  When my husband and I were dating, The Jinx applied almost exclusively to the Red Sox.  I quickly learned not to make the gravest of  errors — uttering a comment when the Sox were up,  because somehow, every time, they lost that lead.  The Jinx.  You get the idea.

After years of dating and years of marriage, I respect and fear The Jinx.  In fact, before we had children, I thought (cockily) I had mastered The Jinx.  That mere novice thought proves the power of The Jinx.  When I least expect it, she works her dark magic.

I can not count the times that I have brought her wrath down upon my children and my family.  The most recent — this afternoon.  I can’t even remember if I said this out loud or just thought it, but the gist:  I wondered how M could possibly have missed out on the fever virus that obliterated school last week.

A  mere few hours later, M went from a frolicking beach boy to a feverish  child.

Today’s gift: this blog post (the documentation — in black-and-white — reminding me to NEVER, ever forget the power of The Jinx).

I really hope The Jinx doesn’t apply to blog posts.

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  1. Carol Says:

    NO, NO, NO, No jinx stuff….. No….the power of faith…etc…. believe.. each and every day, into health, life, and love over and over again. Get a Lab to drool over and love you and don’t ever DOUBT anything again. It’s the stuff that hobbles the human spirit!!!! and you don’t want that!!! Smile, laugh, love, pat your puppy, dream together, and sail!!!! Forgive me if I intrude but after raising two alone with naught but my guts, I’ll tell you again and again that you are only what you dream you are. Teach them both that no bounds are beyond bounds! No Jinxs! No Doubts! Jess is JESS because we never said NO!!! Give them FAITH in everything!!!

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