The end of the school year means a lot of parties, gatherings, ceremonies and events.


Today there was an end of the year pool party for M’s class.  I’m thrilled to report that he did a terrific job at the party.  This was no easy feat:  the party was chaotic, loud, crazy and…fun!  For a sensory guy like M, this is usually something he avoids.  But, he literally dove in today.  M was reserved and a bit shy and quiet, but he did it!  He “hung” with the kids as much as he could and he enjoyed it.  It was wonderful to have the knots in my stomach unravel.  I actually relaxed!

Equally incredible was the devoted friendship to M I witnessed from a boy that he has know for a couple of years.  Unprompted, this “typical” child helped M, encouraged M, included M, played with M, and even protected him.  My heart was bursting!  It was cute but it also felt more than that — it felt Big (like a sign from the universe that M will be ok, that my instincts are right to let him dive in and even sometimes, throw him in).

Small miracles = huge milestones


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