Goodnight Moon

Telling bedtime stories to M and J is one of the things I love most about being a Mom.  I’ve always thought the kids are at their cutest at  bedtime (part of this is because it is one of the only times M is still!).

Tonight I realized that each night I can snuggle, nose to nose to M and J and tell them made-up stories is a gift I want to always remember.  There are so many details I adore:  the wide eyes as my story twists and turns, the joy of our faces so close they almost touch, the arms and legs (and occasionally sharp elbow) sprawled across me, the smiles in the dark, and then the heavy eye lids and slow drift to sleep.

When the twins were babies, I could watch them sleep forever.  Mesmerized by their innocence and beauty, I stood silent and unmoving for as long as my feet could hold me.  The twins are far away from their baby days, but I still watch–unmoving , mesmerized –those first moments of sleep with the same awe and gratitude.

Sweet dreams.

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