Recipe for Summer Fun

Ingredients: sprinkler, water, sun, grass, kids

Turn sprinkler on high.  Combine all other ingredients.  Mix well.  Allow adequate time to reach desired level of fun.

Optional: Popsicles after soaking and cooling.

One of summer’s pure pleasures: watching children play around a lawn sprinkler.   Does any other ordinary object generate as many screams or laughs?

I know it is old-school but I find sprinkler fun totally irresistible.  I grew up loving it.  And now  M and J love it. It’s a great outside activity and the combination of water, running and jumping — not to mention peer interaction– are perfect sensory activities for M.

With each drop of water comes the promise of a laugh or a scream or a shriek.  Every time a child feels a sprinkle, there is a moment of pure surprise followed by an uncontrollable giggle and then it all starts again when the sprinkler rotates back around.

I’m thankful that today’s gift is a box of summer memories.  The Images, smells, sounds, tastes combine in such a way that I feel like I’m the kid waiting patiently for her turn to run through the sprinkler.

Do you think the children or their parents will notice?

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