Double Your Fun

Tonight was date night:  mother-son and father-daughter.

A night out with M is always an adventure.

Some of tonight’s highlights:

*M navigated the challenges of dinner out and a movie like a champ.

*As you can imagine, going to a movie with a sensory child is work (and fun).  We approach our adventures step by step.  First, get the tickets, then the snacks, then use the restroom.  Then, it’s up to Mom to pick the right seats. I selected our seats and then prayed that a group of screaming children would not sit next to us, behind us or in front of us.  It’s  like waiting on a train or airplane and hoping you get the whole row.  But worse and much more intense!

*We get through the previews (very loud) with flying colors and it’s show time, Toy Story 3 in 3D.  M picked the flick and the 3D.  I prayed he could tolerate the glasses and the loud sounds. He did!

*The movie was funny and charming.  A coming of age tale, it made me reflective and nostalgic. (And I hugged M a lot.)

*Though our schedule was hectic and very busy, M worked through it all and was great fun and great company.

We had a wonderful evening, my gift for today.


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