It’s Time To Celebrate!

Dear Readers:

Thank you!

Today’s post is all about you.  Today we celebrate 100 posts! (Actually today is 102 but who is counting?!)

I started blogging on March 21 (“You can’t always get what you want…”).  So far my daily gifts have surprised me, delighted me, challenged me, humbled me and more than anything, inspired me to find the next gift.  And I hope you discovered a small gift for yourselves each day, too.

I’m equally thrilled and touched by your commitment to read My So-Called Sensory Life every day.  Knowing I can unwrap the day’s gift with my virtual friends is inspiring and pushes me to find my gift even on days when it feels impossible to find anything.

When 100 appeared in my blog tally, I knew I had to thank you.  Thank you for helping me create a special community, thank you for the kind, thoughtful comments (many of them were so generous they made me breathless) and for showing me that even though I don’t always get what I want everyday I do get what I need.

I hope you will join me as I unwrap for the next 265 days.



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