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“There are only two ways to live your life.  One is as though nothing is a miracle.  The other is as though everything is a miracle.”  –Albert Einstein (quoted from Now I See The Moon by Elaine Hall)

Today’s gift:  Now I See The Moon: A Mother, A Son, A Miracle by Elaine Hall (HarperStudio, June 2010).  Elaine Hall’s book is my travel guide, my new handbook, my go-to reference resource.

In her moving and inspiring memoir, Elaine Hall shares the story of her adoption of a Russian boy and their journey to a diagnosis of nonverbal autism.  With courage and passion, Elaine Hall invites readers into both her private and professional worlds (she’s a former child acting coach) and opens up about her emotional journey — one that includes her struggles with infertility, the heartbreaking diagnosis of her son’s autism, divorce and the birth of The Miracle Project (

I devoured the book (several times — which is why this review is late!).  As I read I took copious notes and highlighted key passages until the book resembled a well-loved college text.

Like a tough and gentle coach, Elaine knows when to push and when to let us test our own limits.  Her life is filled with teachable moments and reading the book felt like a virtual support group.   Here, she raves about Dr. Stanley Greenspan and his revolutionary work.  She teaches about Miracle Moms and Dads and The Miracle Project.   Best of all, Elaine’s writing transports the reader:  we wait at the doctor’s office with her and Neal, we play on the floor with Neal, we are on the stage with her miracle kids.

Elaine introduces each chapter (“Phase”) with an inspirational quote and includes “Neal Has Autism,” “Connecting,” “Never Give Up,” and “Celebrations.”   Now I See The Moon also includes a terrific appendix.  At times as I read the book I shivered with delight because many passages perfectly reflected my own experiences,

“Funny, when you have a child with special needs, the prospect of the simplest events takes on huge significance.  We special parents are the fortunate ones because we learn to regard every typical activity with wonder and gratitude.”

Elaine Hall teaches us that life is filled with Miracle Moments.  For me, meeting Elaine was a miracle moment.  Discovering Now I See the Moon was another miracle moment.   And knowing Elaine is now a friend is nothing short of a miracle.

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