H is for Happy

Once upon a time there was a boy named M.  Every year he was excited but also very worried and scared about Halloween.  Each Halloween, his sweet twin sister J was very kind and helpful and always held his hand.  He had fun, but he wished that one day he could love Halloween like the other children.

When October 31 arrived, he decided that he and his sister would dress up as scary, spooky vampire twins.  He wanted to be brave and go to all the doors and scream “Trick or Treat”  — even the doors with the spooky goblins, moving hands and screaming ghosts.  Doors that he avoided every year.  But not tonight.

This Halloween night, as the sky grew darker, he traipsed through leaves and around bushes, he climbed many stairs and held hands with his Mom, Dad, and sometimes his sister.  He walked and walked and walked and even spent time with the “BIG KIDS” on this creepy, windy, cold night.

When M returned home two hours later, he dove into his candy and didn’t think twice about what he had just done or where he had been — that he was with neighbors and other kids, that he went to all the houses, and that he stayed until the very end of the “Trick or Treating”.

But his Mom and Dad knew that it took more than the promise of a treat, and more than a costume and more than most kids to brave the ghosts and goblins, the sounds and scares, the confusion and candy selection.

Like his very first Halloween all those years ago, Mom and Dad will never forget Halloween 2010.

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