Pack of Two

Today’s gift: an unexpected afternoon alone with M.

After a fabulous holiday weekend with family (15 in our home!!!!), M and I were at the kitchen table reading the NYTimes (and a car magazine) when we heard the beautiful silence.  Our eyes met and we cheered, “We are alone!”  — no dog, no relatives, no sounds, just the two of us.

After soldiering through 4 days of crying babies, barking dogs, screaming toddlers, chatty parents, clanking bottles, alternating blasts of music and movies, the loss (donation) of his bedroom to visiting family, and much more activity in our house than ever before, M was starved for a sensory break.

For children (and adults) with Sensory Integration Disorder like M, the holidays mean something other than fun family time.  For the parents of Sensory Children, it means extra prep (social stories, plans, quiet rooms, escape routes) because the unique challenges M faces each day are amplified during the holidays and the usual solutions do not work.   This means M will inevitably face tough moments — moments I wish I could take away but because I can’t control the world around us, he has to endure them.

It breaks my heart to see the sensory meltdowns — the terror in his eyes, the pain in his voice, the rigid body, the frightened stance.

This afternoon, though, we had our own private, silent Thanksgiving celebration in honor of  M reclaiming his safe place and regaining his sensory peace and those gifts filled us both more than any holiday meal.

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  1. Dana Long Says:

    Very touching and interesting blog!

  2. Carol Says:

    Perfect!!!! I can somewhat relate to the blessings of silence! Extra big hug from me at bedtime tonite!!!

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