Go Pats!

I’m not a natural football fan.  I come to the game (and the Pats) by way of marriage to a New Englander.

Fortunately, my twins are half-husband which in wife-speak means they were born with the New England sports gene I am missing.  Red Sox and Patriots blood runs through their veins and their devotion to these teams is surely part of their DNA.

J’s loyalty to both teams already comes close to her father’s decades old fan membership.

M’s enthusiasm rivals my husband’s.

This afternoon J prepped for a Pats divisional playoff game as if it today was Super Bowl Sunday — she had decorations, special snacks, commercial break entertainment and a half-time show.

Witnessing the legacy of my husband’s lifelong enjoyment of his favorite sports teams alive in the twins is an unexpected and completely joyful gift that I know they will always treasure and one day share with their children.

Go Pats!

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4 Responses to “Go Pats!”

  1. Laura Giesken Muhl Says:

    Although I have 2 older brothers and a father who were all very much into football (and it played non-stop on our TV on the weekends growing up), I never really cared one way or the other. I, too, am now a Steeler fan by marriage. I enjoy the good games, and sleep through the slow games. BUT – already Teddy likes watching the screen during games – must be that bright green field and all that movement. I’m looking forward to when he and Dave can enjoy it together! Sounds like a lovely sight at your house this weekend (but a sad outcome for the Pats).

  2. me Says:

    Thanks Laura!

  3. Alysia Says:

    As a die-hard New Englander (and Pats and Sox fan), I love this post. I’m the sports person in our house, and have already taught my kids the love of rooting for a team and the phrase “there’s always next year”.
    Found you through the new SPD Blogger Network site! Happy to have you there!

  4. LRT Says:

    Alysia: THANK YOU! I so appreciate you taking the time to comment and that you love my post. It is the greatest gift to have readers respond to my posts. Already, the SPD Blogger Network is changing my world and I feel so happy and lucky to have new friends supporting me. I can’t wait to check out your stuff, too. Thanks and nice to meet you!

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