Krazy For Kabotas

Today’s gift:  Pop-pop took M on a special field trip to a local tractor store.  I’m still deciding what was more heartwarming — Pop-pop’s intricate planning and execution of their outing or M’s pure pleasure and pride about the special trip.

Pop-pop is one of M’s grandfathers.  He is a planner and he likes taking charge.  Recently, he’s been seeking special ways to bond with M.  He wants some coaching but he also wants to create his own relationship.  Because of this,  he’s also been a leader in treating M like a big boy and like an independent child.  He sees M’s gift and M’s sweetness and it touches him deeply.  It’s lovely to watch the two interact. M’s relationship with his grandfather is so very important to me and to my husband — he’s a big influence, a passionate man and in many ways he is a lot like M.

Today Pop-pop drove to our house in his pick-up truck to get M.  He did his prep work and knew to present concrete plans to M about the trip.  In turn, M responded to Pop-pop’s confidence, love and direction by great listening, good behavior and taking care of himself independently (using the bathroom, eating his lunch).  When M returned, he was a different child:  no sensory issues, no tics, no behavior issues.

I am so proud of M and of Pop-pop.  The two are figuring out their relationship and in turn, M’s navigating the social world in a new way.  It is gratifying — and a relief — to watch another family member successfully help and teach M independently of me and my husband.

With each new independent social experience, M’s blossoms open up a bit more.   And those blossoms look great when riding on a   Kabota.

3 Responses to “Krazy For Kabotas”

  1. Kellan Says:

    I love this! I didn’t grow up with an extended family, and I’m so excited about finding ways to foster the relationship between my son and our extended family despite his challenges. It’s great to hear about how rewarding a little extra effort can make these relationships for everyone. Thanks for your words.

  2. LRT Says:

    Thank you for your beautiful words. Thinking about your little one and sending prayers!

  3. Carol Says:

    Got me in tears, again. Grandpa’s are so special!!

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