Monster Jammin’

Today’s gift:  M conquered the Monster Jam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

He voluntarily dove into the madness headfirst (or should I say headphones first?) and came out on the other side a better boy — older, wiser, stronger, surer.

We prepped, we prepared, we viewed videos, we read stats, we wrote a social story, we rehearsed and finally we  discussed.  I prayed a lot.   M wanted to do this more than almost anything he’s ever wanted.

Dad was M’s protector, his guide on an unknown adventure to a  dirty, dusty, loud (really loud) Monstrous World.  Yet, despite headphones, double-covered ears, and a sensory seeking body, M was rapt with joy — his face had an expression of pure pleasure.

All the pieces fell into place today for M and the result of this complex alignment was simple:  a boy and his Dad had father-and-son fun.

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