Rise and Shine

Today’s gift:  for the first time EVER (or at least that I remember!)  M slept until 7:00am this morning!

In fact, I had to WAKE HIM UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Has this ever happened?  I really don’t think so…

In case you are reading this and muttering “huh?” what’s the big deal? — M wakes up at 5:00am sharp every morning (read about My Early Riser here http://www.mysocalledsensorylife.com/?p=111) and sometimes his eyes pop open for the day even earlier (4:30am, 4:45am).  Since I’m not a morning person, I find it mind-numbing to start the day early and avoid it at all costs.

When I woke up today, I thought M was in his room reading and that he just lost track of the time (he usually comes into our room at 6:30am to rouse us).  As I approached his door I saw that the lights were out (huh?) and he was snuggled up and sound asleep.  I almost did a Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy Dance right there next to his bed.  Instead, I did what any good Mom would do :  I carefully climbed into bed next to him and quietly woke him up with kisses and hugs.  It was a slice of heaven for me.  You see, I can’t remember the last time I watched M wake up (or that I woke him up).  It felt like I had traveled back in time — watching him rub the sleep out of his eyes, then stretch, and then smile at me.  It was a sacred moment and it  brought me right back to his crib days.  I can honestly say that one of my favorite times (still) is the morning with the kids and especially those short minutes when they open their little eyes to a new day.

I can’t explain with science or medicine why sleeping late is so significant for M. It’s just a gut instinct and something I know has meaning.   And so, I can only use Mom-speak to shout out that it’s a very big deal, another moment to celebrate, and an unexpected gift!

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