“Trophy, Trophy, Trophy!”

Today’s gift:  M won a Trophy for The Cub Scouts Pinewood Derby Race!

His custom police race car (built with love by M and Dad) was fast.  It raced with a purpose and won!  When M’s name was announced, he jumped, screamed, cheered and literally bounced to the stage to receive his trophy and certificate.  The crowd cheered and high-fived him with abandon.

All the way he chanted, “Trophy, Trophy, Trophy” and it was the only sound I heard in the noisy crowded room.

It’s hard to believe or explain to others that hours earlier at home M had refused to get dressed, told us he had changed his mind about the race and virtually shut-down because of the emotions and anticipation.  As his dedicated pit crew, Dad and I got him ready and gave him what he needed to give the day his best.

We all won today.  Victory is sweet!

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  1. Carol Says:

    Wow! What a wonderful antithesis to M’s anticipation. Hopefully, he can make the connection and greet the next scary event with a sense of hope rather than a sense of dread. My sincere kudos to you both for the parents that you are! You remain loving, tireless and altogether unconditional in your parenting. I have such admiration for you and B. Well done and, trust me, it is something that will never ever disappoint you. I think that the act of “parenting” is the most perfect and selfless act there is…..P.S. the way you balance the two kids and their separate needs is inspirational!!!!

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