It’s party time!

Monday, March 21 is the one year anniversary of My So-Called Sensory Life!  That’s 365 consecutive, daily posts in as many days.  And, of course 365 gifts.

That’s a lot of gifts!

I can’t think of a better way to celebrate one year than to hear about YOUR gifts dear readers.

Please post a comment by March 21 and tell me about an unexpected gift from motherhood (or fatherhood or grandparent-hood or auntie-hood or uncle-hood or sister-hood or friend-hood…) you’ve received.   I’ll pick my favorite gifts and share them on Monday with the MSCSL family.

In the days following the anniversary, I’ll announce plans, projects and places I hope the blog takes me next year.

I can’t wait to unwrap your gifts on Monday.  I hope you’ll join me for our Virtual Celebration.

12 Responses to “Gifted”

  1. LRT Says:

    FROM P:
    This is so exciting! I’m so proud of you for accomplishing your year of blogging, for taking the time to recognize all the gifts of each day, and for giving your kids such a wonderful way to view themselves and world. I feel the wa…y you feel, blessed to have received so many unexpected gifts from my kids, but for this occasion, YOUR occasion, I would like to say the unexpected gift of having you back in my life after so many years is a miracle to me. You view me (and I suspect, all your clients) the way you view your kids – with such believing eyes. You believe in our potential and want the world to love us the way you do, with a full and open heart. Thank you for being such a blessing in our lives!

  2. LRT Says:

    FROM J:
    Mommy is my Gift!

  3. LRT Says:

    FROM M:
    My Trophy!

  4. Carol Says:

    Oh, dear….the pictures that are flashing before my heart and soul at this point are too many and too dear to decide on one….should it be the year they woke up at 3AM on Christmas morning and unwrapped all their gifts with me still sound asleep? ( I got the gift of tolerance and ultimately joy out of that one)….or maybe the look on each face when they first rode a two wheel bike alone? My daughters wedding day? Too many wonderful gifts to even contemplate! So instead I’ll tell you the greatest gift my two have given me is their love for each other. To view the bond that exists and to know that it will persist is for me the greatest thing I have had a hand in and also received without even trying to make it happen. Their love for each other is the basis for love of all others. It is the sweetest result of motherhood.

  5. Min Says:

    My gift would be how I/we learned to navigate disappointment, in a landscape that had been previously painted with acceptance. Sigh.

  6. LRT Says:

    From A Reader:
    Your blog has been a daily gift. It has been at times funny, sad, educational and inspiring, but it is always a daily reminder of the challenge and joy that comes with being a parent. Thank you for sharing your experiences with all of us!

  7. Nana Says:

    My gift – so easy for me – YOU!!!!! You, my first born, my beautiful daughter. My miraculous journey began with you and continues with you every day. Your beauty, intelligence, love, courage, strength; the list could continue on and on but today I think of your dedication to M and J. Your journey has certainly not been without its obstacles, but still you continue and persevere even more focused than when you started, I admire you for all your accomplishments and I am filled with pride and love for you on your 365th Anniversary of Your Daily Gift, for you have truly been a gift to us all.

  8. Dori Says:

    My gift – coming home! After a week of travel (and a fun w/end visit from my husband to the windy city) still love that feeling of walking in the door with luggage and mail overflowing in your hands. Love the unpacking and the faint smell of dinner cooked from the previous week……the catching up on emails…….and running to the computer to check my dearest friends daily posts on MSCSL. So, here I am writing my gift – the warm feeling of being home! Aaah, now I can remove my shoes.

  9. My So-Called Sensory Life » Blog Archive » Anniversary Day: 365 Unexpected Gifts from Motherhood at My So-Called Sensory Life Says:

    [...] you for your notes, emails, comments.  Thank you for your gifts — keep commenting on my Gifted post because I’ll do a future post about all of my readers’ gifts.  They are beautiful [...]

  10. Papa Says:

    My gift – First being blessed 45 years ago when I met “Nana” who is my most treasured gift. Then Nana blessed me 3 more times and the 3 gifts blessed me 7 more times (M&J being the first two of the seven). My life is full of rich rewards and pleasure from all my gifts. I am eternally happy for being so fortunate.

  11. Carol Says:

    we are so rich if we have “family”!!!! Love your folk’s comments!!! HI!

  12. Sistah Says:

    My gift-my amazing sister who has gone first in everything including being a parent. You are always the great role model I have tried to copy since we were little. Congratulations on a job well done! I love you sistah!

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