Camp Rules

‘Cause it’s more than the green of trees
It’s more than the summer breeze
The smell of rocks and water
Washing over me
It’s more than the orange fire
It’s more than the fishing wire
It’s more than the cabin walls
It’s something you can’t touch
But you can hold so dear

Today’s gift:  my out-of-the-box thinking and mother’s instinct (along with my trademark persistence) landed M a spot at a terrific summer camp.  He’s attending the week-long “typical” camp with his special ed aid and we all have high hopes that he’ll  experience some of the real joys of summer fun for the very first time.

M quietly inquired on the drive this morning,  “Everyone is nervous on the first day right, Mom?” asking this same question about 10 times during our 10 minute drive.

At drop-off, M settled in well and his face reflected excitement, nervousness, curiosity and an innocence that reminded me of the 3 year old M.  He looked so sweet and small and trusting.  My heart beat a little faster as I waved good-bye trying to look calm, cool and confident.  I really wanted to run to him and scoop him up and hug him hard.

I drove away feeling excited, curious, hopeful — silently reassuring myself that everyone is nervous on the first day, most of all  Mom.

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  1. K. C. Says:

    I hope he has a great time! I got tears reading this because at 4 and 2, my kids are never NEVER gone. Sometimes I wish they were but the reality is that when that day comes, I know I’ll feel just like you did. :)

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