Things I Like About Me

Today’s gift:  The invitation to contribute to Elena Sonnino’s second annual “Things I Like About Me” list.

1. I like that I am obsessed with NYC.

2.  I like being a curly (hair) girl.

3. I like being Italian.

4. I like that I LOVE books.

5.  I like being a Blogger.

6.  I like my name.

7.  I am a perfectionist.

8.  I have endless energy.

9.  I am VERY passionate.

10.  I like being a Mom of Twins.

11. I like my body especially my legs.

12.  I like that I love accessories – esp jewelry and handbags.

13. I like that people come to me for advice all the time.

14.  I like being in my 40s !

15.  I like that I am VERY close to my family.

16.  I like that my clients and I have long lasting relationships.

17. I am loyal.

18. I am caring and sensitive and a deeply feeling person.

19.  I have incredible intuition.

20.  I am on the cusp of Leo/Virgo.

21.  I like my addiction to Dirty Martinis.

22. I like that my sister is my Best Friend!

23.  I like my life — a lot.

Thank you Elena and Just. Be. Enough for inviting me to reflect on the gift of ME.

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  1. Rebecca Says:

    Thank you for this lovely post – and several things that you have listed here I can vouch for myself! Thanks again!

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