I’m Laura — a blogger, proud Mom of girl-boy twins, social media addict, and a p.r. expert.

Before owning my own public relations agency, I worked in New York City at Random House, Viking Penguin and W.W. Norton. My blog My So-Called Sensory Life was recently featured in MORE magazine (June issue) and was named a “Top 25 Most Inspiring Families Blog” by Circle of Moms and a 2010 Babble Top 40 Nominated Mom Blog. I am a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Moonfrye, and Circle of Moms and I’m a published author and contributor to the book Make Mine A Double: Why Women Like Us Like To Drink (Or Not) (UPNE).  In 2013, I Directed/Produced a local Listen To Your Mother Show.

My writing has been featured in many places including:, iVillage, allParenting, NPR’s WRNI radio, Psychology Today, The Providence Journal,, SheWrites, and in The Chronicle of Higher Education among many other publications, sites, and blogs.



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I regularly review books and products and offer giveaways on my blog. I do interviews and features as well.  All posts will receive widespread publicity (I have over 20 years of p.r. experience!).   Please email me at for details.

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